Last Words

by UpdownUp

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released November 18, 2014




UpdownUp Los Angeles, California

UpdownUp-the intertwining influences of a loop-loving, guitar-bowing multi-instrumentalist (Richard Devletian) and an ex- acapella group leader who's addicted to electronic music (Jason Ryterband). Their style combines lush harmonies and intricate soundscapes to form songs that bend genres. Listening is an uplifting journey through a world that is at once darkly nostalgic and hauntingly beautiful. ... more

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Track Name: Decide
Faster, straighter,
make the road narrow.
The bitter taste of
poison on the arrow.
Just follow the leader...

Won't someone else decide!
(You're walking the path so why not take the steps?)
Won't someone else decide!
(Do you really think someone else can make more sense?)
Won't someone else decide!

This ringing silence
is your last cathedral.
In the light
you know too much
not to see the shadows.
So why this
grasping at the wind with all your pride? 

You're on your own!
You're on your own!

An inner transmission,
you're the only battle.
The winner,
The loser,
Let no one else,
Let no one else decide!
Let no one else decide!
Track Name: Who Are You Now
You flow through closed doors
like smoke fills a room with danger.
Is it heaven or war today?

If you're still sane just
one question…

Who are you now?
Who are you now?

Through black widow eyes,
how many me's do you see?
Did one of them cry today?

If you're still sane just
One question…

Who are you now?
(Is anyone at the controls?)
Who are you now?
(What's really holding you up?)
Who are you now?

Are you coming apart?
Are you a part of this?
Track Name: Armed
Steel bones and a powder heart.
Without these I see the monster falling apart.
Reinforce it, give it more force and
justify its desolation.

It breeds in a wary mind.
Digs in and the paranoid impressions arise.
Reinforce it, give it more force just to
hold the fear aside.

Play! In the arcade.
Safe! But lying awake.
Crazy! Cradle the baby while you hold a knife.

The rounds are live. Keep your distance.
Such grace you know how to survive.
The horde arrives. It's no coincidence.
They're armed!
They're armed!
They're armed!
Hope you're lucky
They're armed!
They're armed!
They're armed!

The fuse burns in a child's eyes.
Thoughts catch in an adolescent fire disguised
by a quiet
deferent voice saying,
"everything is fine."
Track Name: It Runs On Its Own
It runs on its own.
It runs on its own.

Holes in walls,
burnt around the edges.
Feel it all.
Loosen the foundation.

The roofline bows,
shudders in the stillness.
All we know
shatters in between us.

Follow the river,
it turns into an ocean.
Ever thinner,
It runs on its own
It runs on its own
It runs on its own

Teeth and claws.
Who are you protecting?
In the calm,
Will it be there waiting?
Who are you protecting?
Track Name: Waiting
Dark, sharp shape,
calling me in,
inside the walls of my cave.

Burning again.
Burning me down in this
unsafe place.

I hope that you'll leave
and you're not so surprised but it
hurts the same.
And you stay...

Waiting for someone to hear you.
Waiting for comfort that never comes in the way,
in the way you want it to.

You softly cry.
Gently betrayed,
left in the wake of a lie.
Hidden from view
and it's all I can do just to
seem alright.
When everyone says that there's
nothing to fear but I
feel your fire.
And you stay...

If you slow down,
You're not alone.
If we slow down,
We're not alone.

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